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How to get a Free Estimate???

At Ezer Masonry we are dedicated to exceed our customers’ expectations, so here are some #tips in order to get a #FREE #estimate for your next #project whether is:

a #fireplace, a #house #façade, a #home #remodeling, an #accent #wall or any other project that is going to use our #Faux #Stone.


Take as many pictures of the place where the project is going to take place, including the access to our crew to get to the place.


Measure the space where you would like the project to be built (Width by Length).

Third: Bring pictures or ideas so our representative can better assist you. We can also help you on that, a we have interior designers that work with us that can give you an estimate on your project.

Fourth: Have a budget on hand on your project and know whether is feasible or not.


Have some flexible dates when you want to have the project done.

Please allow us to work on your estimate and when you agree on it, we can start working on our specialty and you can relax!!!

Our experience is your piece of mind,
so let us take care of the work!

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