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Fun Facts About Stone Veneer

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Stone Veneer had became popular due to its resemble to natural stone, it adds value to the property, its easy maintenance, and long durability. Also, it has lower cost in material and labor compared to natural stone.


Do you know any other name for it? :)

It was first manufactured in the late 19th century rom cut slabs of natural stone.

The word Veneer comes from a German word “Furnier” that means to inlay or cover with a veneer and the French word fournir that means “To furnish” .

The first veneer was used in Ancient Egypt, nearly 4,000 years ago. It was first used as wood veneer on one of the tombs of the pharaohs to add decorative flair.

Stone Veneer comes from real stone, it was created to reassemble “a natural look”.

Stone Veneer are for indoor, outdoor, facades, accent walls, building, residences, bathrooms, ect.

Your Stone Veneer manufacturer can custom your stone veneer, and add a chic look to your house.

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